In order to expedite the payment process for the 2023 Region 4-3A Spring Meet, the following flat rate fee format has been authorized.

Event Cost
Academic Entry Fee Per UIL District $3,500
Athletic Entry Fee Per UIL District $5,000
One Act Play Entry Fee Per Qualifying School $1,000

How the member schools constituting each UIL District divide the full slate fees for Academics and Athletics among themselves is the business of the member schools within the UIL District and the UIL District’s Spring Meet Chairperson. The fees are traditionally shared equally among participating schools, but the format used is at the discretion of each UIL District.

The District Spring Meet Chair for each UIL District represented in Region 4-3A will be invoiced by the fiscal agent and submit one check by March 31, 2023 (see related information below).

Each school with an advancing One Act Play will submit a check to the Fiscal Director when invoiced.

Payable: UIL Regional Meet
Attn: Wade Stidevent
UIL Region IV AAA Fiscal Director
Boling Independent School District
PO Box 160
Boling, TX 77420
(979) 533-2242
Email: wstidevent@gmailcom